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Variety of resources available for the blind

“So what am I to do?” I asked. Just a few weeks earlier, noting a problem, I had made this appointment with my ophthalmologist, never expecting this verdict.

Etcetera Jan. 14

Walla Walla County Traffic Safety Task Force will honor its 2013 Safety Awards Recipients during its annual recognition luncheon.

A DIFFERENT VIEW - Unruly dogs turn stroll into a walk on the wild side

The attack caught me completely off guard and in mid-stride I was jerked around to face the direction I had just come from. I found my guide dog lying on the pavement with the attacking dog just out of my reach, growling menacingly at us.What had started

A DIFFERENT VIEW - Phantom vision a phenomena when loss of eyesight occurs

I was sitting in my favorite recliner chair watching what I could still see on the television screen. Other than the TV, the room was quiet and I wasalone. For some reason I turned my face and nearly jumped.