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Column: Of a mischievous cat and wondrous Walla Walla Valley

Whether Cat realizes it or not, he’s gaining some valuable experiences in different occupations so when he grows up, he will have a better idea about what he’s best suited to do and would enjoy the most.

Review - Children’s ‘Interstellar Cinderella’ blasts through atmosphere

Cinderella, so long stuck by the fireside among the cinders, has blasted into space with a relaunching of the classic fairy tale.

Easter Cat takes Christmas in ex-Walla Walla author’s new book for kids

Brimming full of mischief, Cat is back and just in time for the holiday season, courtesy of children’s author Deborah Underwood, who grew up in Walla Walla.

Travels through Native American country inspire novel

A quarter century of long-distance bicycle travels brought Richie Swanson through this area and a number of the nation’s Native American reservations, which inspired “First Territory,” his novel set in the Oregon-Washington territories between 1855-1856.

Former Walla Walla man spins storytelling into kid lit

As far back as he can remember, Chris Carson has been writing and telling stories. Then about four years ago he began investing more time into the effort.

Cover to cover: Native spirit, Walla Walla legends, Vietnam War

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a number of books, some by local writers and others submitted from outside the area. The following is a selection from the most recent crop.

‘Bad Bye, Good Bye’ tackles when a family moves

“Bad Bye, Good Bye,” Deborah Underwood, 32 pages, good for preschoolers-third-graders, ages 4-8, hardback, $16.99, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers.

‘Easter Cat’ a delight to read aloud to kidlets

Kid tested. Kid approved. And back by popular demand. Time after time.

Milton-Freewater writer’s Montana roots come alive in new novel

Patricia Pomeroy Tanner, a retired registered nurse living with husband Bob in Milton-Freewater, likes exploring the human condition and relationships with God.

Walla Walla writer's historical memoir eyes abandonment

Debora S. "Deb" Rossi's mother, Mildred "Millie" Rising, was wrenched from her father, James Rising, and their farm as a 5-year-old.