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El Salvador visit an eye-opener to fair trade coffee

The van rumbled down the side of an El Salvador volcano on a steep, gravel road when someone asked, “What’s that?”

Chávez made life better for farm workers

“Si, se puede” or as translated in English, “Yes, it can be done” was a very powerful statement coined by the Mexican-American César Chávez.

Business retention essential in Port’s strategy

The announcement of a new business coming to the Walla Walla Valley often results in headlines in the newspaper.

César Chávez serves as role model to get involved

Many people in Washington state do not know what day March 31 is or what it means to those who work as farm laborers.

Set your goals high; don’t be discouraged by critics

was brought to the United States by my parents from Mexico when I was 5 years old so life in America is all I have come to know.

Reclaimed wood creations — the Walla Walla harvest table

I have often been asked how I got started building furniture (and especially harvest tables) out of reclaimed wood. Well I actually began building benches and then progressed from there.

GEAR-Up programs helps undocumented Wa-Hi student access education

At a young age, I envisioned myself becoming an actress, doctor, teacher and everything else a small child could think of being, but as I grew up, I realized I would have to overcome many challenges to reach my dream of becoming one of those.

Sheriff explains his plan to reorganize administrative staff

I want to discuss with readers Tuesday’s U-B article regarding Sheriff’s Office employees.

Recent Walla Walla income trends underperforming

The forces that steer the Walla Walla economy have largely smiled on the Valley’s residents over the past two years.

Education opens doors to brighter future after difficult early years

I spent my childhood believing that education was not an option for me and that sooner or later I would probably be joining my parents and siblings in the hot and arduous work of the fields.