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Learning, photographing a restaurant’s inner workings

Remember the last time you made lunch reservations, arrived at the restaurant and the hostess said to the waiter, “Take this party to table number six.” Did you find yourself counting the tables to determine what numbers the other tables might be?

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Photographer field-tests Santa’s gift — a new digital lens

Santa was good to me this year! As my wife handed me a package from under the Christmas tree she said, “Be careful, it’s fragile.”

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Garde manger: The culinary wonders of keeping food

When was the last time you enrolled in a class that you could not spell or pronounce?

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Photographer cooks up recipe for visual appeal

It’s 5 o’clock and your work-day has come to an end and you are feeling good!

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Techniques can bring on drama, mystery to photographs

One of the most frequently asked questions in my digital photography classes at Walla Walla Community College is, “How can I make my pictures look better?”

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Creating a digital storybook tale

One of the pleasures of teaching is mentoring students to explore, take some risks and hopefully see the world differently.

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Shooting in an instructional kitchen not the same as on TV

Have you ever noticed in the weekly television guide the promotion of culinary cooking shows featuring food and stern-looking chefs staring at each other? Why even PBS has its own instructional food program.

Learn one new feature on camera each week

Have you ever experienced the thrill of reading a digital camera manual? You know, the one that is referenced in the camera box with an attached web address to get the user’s manual on-line.

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Food a most challenging subject for digital photos

Several months ago Dan Thiessen, director of the Walla Walla Community College Wine Country Culinary Institute, asked me to share some thoughts regarding digital food photography wth his student chefs in his Culinary Trends Class.

Photoshop fun: Layering creates alternate realities

As I was sipping my early morning coffee and preparing my Quest class notes on my iPad, I glanced down at the coffee cup and noticed a surface reflection of my desk light bouncing at me.

Simply Digital - 7/25/13

Knowledge and techniques can add drama and mystery to your photos.