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As parents age, consider finances

heard a story recently of a friend who moved her mother in with her. She and her siblings asked Mom if she had a will and she insisted she did — having drawn it up years before in her home state.

Make memories while your parents are alive

I will long cherish the last real trip we took with my folks and our children together. Mom and Dad had never been to Disneyland and they were in their late 70s. We met them in the Los Angeles airport, and stayed near the park.

How to handle an aging parent's terminal illness

My mother-in-law, Lavonne, came to live her last 10 months of life with us. Diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia at the age of 50, she beat the odds in the ’90s and lived almost 10 years more.

Loss of identity with Alzheimer's hard to bear

How is your mom doing?” I asked a friend of mine recently. “Well, physically she’s actually pretty good. Mentally, though, she’s slowly leaving us. It’s tough.”