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Trends - Hispanic growth presents new future

On Sundays three or four generations ago, it would be easy to hear German hymns at some Walla Walla churches.

Trends - Standardized tests a tale of two grade levels

Parents, students — brace yourselves. The season of Washington state testing is about to return.

Column: Are Walla Walla's wages growing?

Does it feel like a long time since you’ve received a substantial raise? You’re probably not alone. The latest results on the Walla Walla Trends site point to slow growth in the earnings of the county’s residents, at least compared to a key benchmark.

Column - Workhorses of WW County’s economy

What makes the Walla Walla economy tick? The short answer is: Not just one industry, thankfully.

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Construction decline a drag on local sales tax revenue

In 2013, Walla Walla County’s cash registers didn’t seem to ring as much, at least compared to the year before and against statewide numbers.

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City water leakage ‘astonishingly’ high

“Whiskey’s for drinking. Water’s for fighting over!”

Walla Walla bucks population growth trends elsewhere in region

Is Walla Walla the next Bend, Ore.? Probably not.

Home affordability in Walla Walla homes falling; wages a factor

The most recent data about housing on the Walla Walla Trends site presents a puzzle.