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Column - Blue Mountain Artist Guild’s eclectic art

There are so many misconceptions about artists, the most pronounced being that they are solitary creatures reluctant to appear in daylight, preferring instead to lurk like hermits in attic-loft studios.

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Rick Woodard’s wood-turned art meant to be used

A work of art. Probably the last thing that comes to mind when someone uses that phrase is a hardwood French rolling pin.

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Dayton painter Vivian McCauley: Prolific, determined and 95

It sounds like a riddle that Gollum would propound to Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”:

Carver would rather turn than burn hardwoods

As winter sets in and the days — and nights — get colder, a warm, merry fire in the hearth cheers the hearts of most.

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Detail the hallmark of wild bird artist Hiroko Cannon

DAYTON — The world of birds is thoughtful, peaceful, meditative, a far cry — or chirp — from the hustle and noise of Japan’s commercial and industrial metropolises of Osaka and Tokyo.

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‘Prayer before paintbrush’ guides artist Michele Davis

For an artist, bringing a viewer to tears is a triumph. Spokane painter Michele Davis has experienced the exultation more than once.

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Horses, birds, wildlife: the exuberant art of Janene Grende

The lemonade stand. Many successful entrepreneurs remember starting their career with paper cups, a rickety table and a pitcher of a summer cooler.

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Painter brings world of experience to life and art

DAYTON — From the Old West to the Far East, world traveler Craig Whitcomb captures it all in watercolor, pastel, graphite, acrylic and color pencil. And one who is not stuck to any one subject, Whitcomb, who has settled in Lewiston, Idaho, doesn’t limit himself in the medium used as well.

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Life happens, but Dayton artist keeps love of painting alive

DAYTON — Most people, amid raising a family on a tight budget, have little time, money or resources to seriously attack fine art oil painting. But not Marilu Bryan, who has been pursuing her interest in art for more than 40 years.

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Boy’s dream makes the man: Carlos Acevedo

From the time Carlos Acevedo was a little boy, he knew he had it within him to become an artist.