Wild Files: A small bird with a big journey visits the valley

Many folks think of January as a lifeless cold month. That is not the case as all of nature is still outside living in one state or another.

Shooter's corner: Hunting doesn’t need to be expensive

While I love to peruse catalog pages, and imagine myself going afield with some of their high-tech goodies, I’m wondering if maybe it’s not a mixed blessing — having so much stuff to choose from.

Tease photo

Winter is here, it’s time to break out the... bike?

The cold wouldn’t keep Kevin Jeffrey and David Sears inside, though. In their world, it was a perfect afternoon to hit the snow for … a bike ride.

Orb photo mystery solved

Mystery solved.

Hunter’s photo sparks imagination

It was only later, after he saw the golden orb he then captured on his smart-phone camera, that Scott Vierck got to thinking about the odd feeling he experienced on his drive into the forests of southwest Oregon in search of elk.

Bikes: an adventure waiting to happen

When I was 10 years old I got a Schwinn Stingray bike for my birthday. It had a banana seat, high handlebars, and a stick shift style shifter. I rode that bike everywhere. It gave me a sense of freedom.

Vincent Jimenez aces 11th hole at Wine Valley GC

Vincent Jimenez, known affectionately at Wine Valley Golf Club as “The Vin Dog,” aced the course’s 11th hole Sunday.

WWGC cancels shoot due to conflict with drag strip

The Walla Walla Gun Club has cancelled its scheduled 50-50-50 shoot set for Sunday due to a facilities conflict with the Walla Walla Drag Strip.

Returning fish face thermal blockage at Lower Granite dam

The Columbia River fall chinook run is booming as measured at Bonneville Dam, but the fish returning to the Snake River continue to face a thermal blockage at Lower Granite Dam.

Monster trout caught below Dworshak denied record

The 28-pound, 9-ounce fish is the largest rainbow trout legally caught in Idaho. However, Tui Moliga of Lapwai won’t land his name in the state record books for the fish.