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Senator probes retailers on dubious ‘brain’ supplements

A high-ranking Senate Democrat is probing retailers and online companies about sales of dubious dietary supplements, especially those promising seniors protection from memory loss, dementia and other age-related problems.

Medicare: House calls help seniors, cut costs

An X-ray in the living room. A rapid blood test. A peek into pill bottles and refrigerators. The humble house call can accomplish a lot — and now research suggests that tailoring it to some of Medicare’s frailest patients can improve their care while cutting costs.

Clinic helps Medicaid, uninsured patients

Medicaid patients as well as those with no insurance can get treated at the dental clinic at Family Medical Center on Rose Street, too.

SonBridge a dental oasis for people on financial fringe

While Yvette Dieu is being seen by dentist Dr. Norman Passmore, her husband James Duncan tries to relax in the waiting room of SonBridge Community Center’s dental clinic.

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Oral health care scarce for impoverished in area

In the Walla Walla Valley, 192 people are waiting to see a dentist, the majority of them for the first time or after a care gap of many years.

Aging docs prompt call for competency tests

CHICAGO — With one out of four U.S. doctors older than 65, the American Medical Association adopted a plan Monday to help decide when it’s time for aging senior physicians to hang up the stethoscope.

Study: Fruity substance helps fight fat gain

PULLMAN — Washington State University scientists have shown that resveratrol in berries, grapes and other fruits converts excess white fat into calorie-burning beige fat, providing new strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Heavy ER usage prompts call for better follow-up care

No one wants to make a repeat visit to the emergency room for the same complaint, but new research suggests it’s more common than previously thought.

Whooping cough diagnoses ahead of 2012 epidemic rate

Teresa Weese never imagined her 21-month-old daughter would be one of the hundreds of Clark County residents diagnosed with whooping cough this year.

FDA sets deadline for trans fats phaseout

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is ordering food companies to phase out the use of heart-clogging trans fats over the next three years, calling them a threat to public health.

Airport pet therapy

The Los Angeles International Airport has 30 therapy dogs and is hoping to expand its ...