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Before you exercise, know your health background

Healthful living is a decision. In fact, it’s a series of decisions each day that lead us either toward good health or away from good health.

Column: Targeted weight loss is a myth

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a YMCA member grab that extra roll around their middle, pinching it with two fingers, and tell me, “I just want to lose this.”

Swimming safety has simple rules

Learning how to swim is a vital lifelong skill, if not a lifesaving one.

Study finds workout with a buddy increases output

It’s no surprise that working out on a consistent basis is the most effective way — maybe the only way — to lose weight and change your body.

The force is with you in resistance training

The benefits of training are varied and apply to nearly everyone. Finding one form of exercise can be difficult when discussing benefits because there are so many that occur that result in a greater quality of life and functional living.

Compound lifts an exercise time saver

Who has time to exercise? Like, no one. But everyone — literally everyone — needs to do it.

Pre-diabetes a precursor, not a curse

Twenty-six million adults and children have diabetes in the United States and nearly 7 million more are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Weight Loss 101: Clearing the fog of information

It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of what is best, what’s a fad and what is the best plan for you.

Female athlete triad not a team you want be on

Organized sports are a great way for young women to build confidence, stay active and healthy, and create strong friendships. However, overemphasis on winning and the ideal body type for a specific sport can place young women at risk for the female athlete triad.

Tips from a lifer gym rat

The new year has come. Goals are set, fresh veggies fill the fridge, processed food no longer sits on the shelf, gym memberships are renewed and new workout gear is purchased.