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Column - Motivation key to a healthier lifestyle

Beginning to make healthful changes in your life has its challenges. Continuing them several weeks or months into your program can be tough, too.

Introducing a child to exercise is a lifelong investment

Exercise can be a conflicting topic. We know it is important, we should probably be doing it and there is substantial evidence to the benefits gained by regular physical activity.

Sweeten life by ditching sugar

I don’t think I will ever tire at admiring how powerful sugar is. It is an incredible stimulant, energizer, comforter and tasty little devil. I remember as a young child my parents didn’t allow us to have candy and when others gave it to my sister and I, we were forced to throw it away.

Column: Freshman 15 can be avoided if you try

Ahhh, the “Freshman 15.” The anecdotal, yet all too common weight gain associated with the freshman year of college.

Early push to single sport has dark side

More than 35 million children ages 5-18 participate in organized sports in the United States. With so many youths competing, it should be of major concern that sports-related injuries have increased five- to sevenfold over the past 15 years. Anterior cruciate ligament tears in knees alone make up about 200,000 injuries a year.

Lessons learned from a long-distance ride

So let’s talk STP. Not the fuel and additives oil company, but the Seattle to Portland bike ride.

Creatine supplements require thought before use

If you are looking to begin an exercise program, a gym can seem a bit overwhelming. From the equipment to the people and the vast array of methods to get fit, it can all be a daunting atmosphere.

Exercise can help beat back diagnosis bully

Demons are real. I’m not talking about the “hide-under-your-bed, scary-movie, chase-you-in-your-dreams demons.” I’m talking about demons that have real names, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s and others.

Fitness tracking technology has ups and downs

I have a new friend. ‘Buddy’ has been with me every day for about a month.

Core strength is about so much more than abs

Most people associate a strong core with showing off those six-pack abs, but core strength encompasses so much more than the superficial abdominal muscles.