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Hagar - Small town holds big memories for family

I don’t know how to break it to the good folks of Dixie, but it has become clear I am firmly one of the family.

Home Place - New models have folks hellbent for Leathermen

I am sorry. I was wrong. You were right. Consider this your belated anniversary gift.

HOME PLACE - When kids 'parent' they get to pay, too

The world my children inhabit underwent an earthquake one recent evening in my friend Kaysun's kitchen.Everyone was working to produce dinner before my youngest kiddo, Miss Tall-and-Blond, and Kaysun's youngest, The Lovely Nat, had to scurry off to a perf

HOME PLACE - What would Mrs. Croker have said?

I distinctly remember the first time I believed I was beautiful.It didn't happen at home, where my mother hesitated a heartbeat too long when asked if I was pretty. It didn't happen in Sunday school when our teacher said all God's children are beautiful.I

HOME PLACE - Nuptials planning, huntin' and fishin'

I thought I would be writing about the final hour of wedding planning with this column edition.There is more than enough to talk about, what with a zillion details to cover between now and then.Stuff I've never considered in my life — should I try a spray

HOME PLACE - Hanging onto life by father's threads

It was a year ago this coming Father's Day when I handed my six children the fabric of their father, so to speak.This tale began months earlier, after David died in January of 2009. I had reached the second Christmas and there were his clothes, still hang