Legal Briefing

LEGAL BRIEFING - When home isn't where heart is

Dear John,My husband and I live part of the year in Arizona and part of the year in Walla Walla. We maintain a house in each place.Some years, we spend more time in Washington and some years we are more in Arizona. We also spend a lot of time travelling a

LEGAL BRIEFING - Fireworks 'fun' could cost group for fire

Dear John,The other night I had my friends over for a party. We had a lot of alcohol and got a bit rowdy. I don't know who suggested it, but someone came up with the idea of shooting off the rest of the fireworks from the Fourth of July.

LEGAL BRIEFING - Late theater arrival irked about re-seating

Dear John,My wife and I purchased tickets for a musical performance in advance. Unfortunately, we arrived about 10 minutes after the event had already begun. They sat us in the back after about another 10 minutes of standing in the lobby.However, my ticke