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Annual physical: to go or not

My husband hasn’t seen a doctor in at least five years. His last visit came when I insisted on taking him to the emergency room for help extracting a shard of wood he’d accidentally stepped on. Dave, a former athlete in his early 40s, is a fit, healthy nonsmoker. He’s never had an annual physical, and he doesn’t see any need to start now.

It's 'cash only' now for tourists at the Vatican

VATICAN CITY — It’s “cash only” now for tourists at the Vatican wanting to pay for museum tickets, souvenirs and other services after Italy’s central bank decided to block electronic payments, including credit cards, at the tiny city-state.

Want to get organized? Go step by step

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Routine fitness a hard habit worth starting

The fitness wake-up call can be a powerful catalyst for change. For Matthew Richter-Sand, it came during a flight home to see his family.

Positive outlook seen as key to long life

You might have noticed that TV weatherman Willard Scott’s morning roll call of people celebrating 100-plus years on the planet seems to grow longer and longer.

Stuff a stocking, not yourself

When the weather gets dreary, a holiday party is an inviting alternative — unless you’re trying to stick to a healthful diet. In that case, the indoors can be pretty scary, too.

Hmong embroidery the thread that binds a culture

MINNEAPOLIS — To the untrained eye, the boxes stuffed with embroidered tapestries, pillow covers and clothes stored at a St. Paul, Minn., archivist’s home may look like a pile of pretty things.