Local / Elections 2012 / Endorsement

U-B candidate endorsements

Following are the Union-Bulletin Editorial Board recommendations to the full editorials are found below.

Local Offices Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 1 Jim Johnson, Republican

Mitt Romney has edge on fiscal matters

The growing national debt fueled by deficit spending can’t be sustained. Changes have to be made to reduce the debt or this country will crumble.

Rich Cowan is best choice for US Congress

Congress is broken. The Democrat-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House are so entrenched in their partisan views that compromise is seen as evil.

Cantwell has earned another term in Senate

Maria Cantwell has represented Washington state well in the U.S. Senate.

Mike Hewitt is clear choice for state Senate

Hewitt has done an outstanding job for Washington state and the 16th Legislative District.

Mike Hewitt has done an outstanding job representing the 16th Legislative District and has earned another term in the state Senate.

Dozier is choice for commissioner

Dozier has earned another term as commissioner for District 2.

Dozier has earned another term as commissioner for District 2.

Jim Johnson superior choice for commissioner

County Commissioner Jim Johnson, appointed to the position in the spring to replace retiring Commissioner Gregg Loney, has done a solid job in his first few months in office.

Jim McIntire is clear choice for state treasurer

McIntire has worked to get the state a solid return on its investments and make sure the interest rates are low for capital projects.

Jim McIntire has done an outstanding job as treasurer in his first term in office.

Goldmark should be re-elected state lands commissioner

The Department of Natural Resources seems to be managed effectively.

Incumbent state Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark should be elected to a second term.

Maureen Walsh deserves to be re-elected

Walsh has the experience and knowledge needed to represent the 16th Legislative District.

State Rep. Maureen Walsh brings a pragmatic approach, compassion and tenacity to her job as a state legislator. As a result, Walsh gets things done and serves her constituents well.