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Sen. Rodney Tom might be the least political politician in state

OLYMPIA — Rodney Tom is an unlikely political leader.

Loaded language: Gun metaphors pervade slang

Sometimes it’s the offhand remark that’s the most telling. Indeed, the way we Americans casually, often unthinkingly, incorporate gun metaphors into our everyday slang says a lot about how deeply embedded guns are in our culture and our politics, and how difficult it is to control or extract them.

Boeing gets tax breaks; state loses 2,000 jobs

SEATTLE — When state politicians were scrambling last fall to give Boeing the largest state tax break in U.S. history, they did pause, briefly, to hold three public hearings over the course of two days.

Long sentences for candy robbers built case for reform

OLYMPIA — The most important thing about Senate Bill 5064 isn’t that it passed the Washington Legislature, but that it passed with large, bipartisan majorities.

Column: Rising fees on public lands taking a toll

The always-contentious issue of pay-to-play on public lands recently became far more heated.

How to spot the hallmarks of an investment scam

Time after time I am amazed, when I need to rescue a client from a high-tech scam, to discover that intelligent, highly-sophisticated and experienced investors could not tell that a deal that had all the hallmarks of a scam was, in all probability a fraud.

Teachers to state: Cough up some bucks or schools are outta here

OLYMPIA — In an announcement that was shocking though not unexpected, Washington’s school superintendent and the head of the teachers union said it would move the entire public school system to another state unless it received more money from taxpayers.

Patience needed for lawmakers, pot sales and Mariners

The Washington legislative session is over, the governor is passing judgment on its work — or lack thereof — and we still can’t buy recreational marijuana. Sorting out all this is exactly why the Answer Man was created.

GOP, once thought dead, is back among the living

If you’re a consumer of political news, keep in mind this important rule: “Every prediction about the next election made in the immediate aftermath of the last election is wrong.”

The madness of college admissions

“I'd like to congratulate you on raising an exceptional student,” read the letter from a Midwestern college I'd never heard of before. “Because I'm impressed by your son, I offer to send a guide to help with the college selection process.”