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Children of the Fallen: Portraits of Loss

Hundreds of American families are still fighting the war in Afghanistan. But they're fighting it at home.

Fighting to remember, fighting to forget

Hundreds of American families are still fighting the war in Afghanistan. But they're fighting it at home.

Column - Outdated No Child Left Behind needs fixing

Few issues are more important to Washington state families than making sure every student has access to a quality education so they can leave school prepared to work hard and succeed.

Column: Community quality of life is funded by taxes we pay

Nobody likes to pay taxes, or so I’m told, and a number of recent letters to the editor seem to echo that idea.

Opinion - Paid sick leave boosts productivity and morale

President Barack Obama proposed legislation Thursday that would give American workers seven days a year of paid sick leave. The U.S. remains the world's only wealthy nation that does not mandate a minimum of paid sick leave, vacation leave or parental leave.

Free college? We’re already doing it in state

Free college? That’s crazy talk.

Column: A dozen faces who could shift 2016 campaign

WASHINGTON — In the year that will pass before the 2016 campaign for president formally kicks off with the votes in the Iowa Caucus, any number of candidates, donors, political operatives — and people who have nothing to do with American politics — will shape the race for the White House. Here's a look at 10 people (OK, 12 people) who will be worth watching in the next year.

Column: Two years into his term, Inslee finally rolls out a big idea

Jay Inslee got so enthusiastic Tuesday about his plans that he sprang a leak.

What it means to be American: We’ve hit lowest point in debate

Years ago, I was on a TV pundit panel when the subject of torture came up. It has stayed with me because it was one of those moments when you wonder how much you understand your own country.

Column: In Seattle, a guy who made unused toilet paper a precious gift

Leon Delong sure wasn’t aiming to become king of an underground empire.