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Column: As Legislature ignores voters, teacher frustration grows

As a veteran teacher, parent and local business owner in Walla Walla, I am writing to explain my support for more than 20,000 teachers around the state who are staging one-day walkouts. Walla Walla Valley Education members have chosen not to walk out, but rather to “Wear Red for Public Ed” on those walkout days as a way to acknowledge the efforts of our statewide colleagues.

Column: Seattle falls short of global-warming targets

SEATTLE — An undercurrent to the ongoing Shell No protests is that Seattle, as the greenest of cities, is uniquely positioned to make a forceful stand against Big Oil.

Column: How big government kills the American dream

Recently Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio published their prescription for reviving the American dream. They are right to focus on the dream. They are wrong in their understanding of American history and the role government can play in restoring and fostering the dream.

Column: Teacher strikes misguided in midst of historic funding boost

I’ve been a lifelong supporter of local schools and recognize the important role teachers play in our communities and shaping the lives of our students. Our teachers are dedicated, hardworking and deserve a living wage.

Westneat - Seattle and its pols hooked on the Arctic oil they protest

The other day I was watching video footage of one of this city’s emerging leaders, City Councilman Mike O’Brien, as he was training to be a “kayaktivist” in opposing Shell Oil’s drilling rigs docking in the city.

Column: Legislate on drone use with balance

For decades, local law enforcement has used aviation for specific and limited purposes, such as search and rescue, high-speed chases and traffic control. Helicopters require costly equipment and fuel and risk loss of life, so law enforcement has used them sparingly.

Column: Public won’t pay for new Seattle arena

Some of the headlines this past week were sure rosy about prospects for a new sports arena in this city’s Sodo District.

Column - Walla Walla is Whitman’s best asset

Of the many questions people ask me about Whitman College, one of the most common is “what’s Walla Walla like?”

An actor’s tale: McDonald's was there for me

McDonald's sales have slumped. Maybe the public wants healthier food. Maybe there's too much competition. Maybe people aren't into the chipotle barbecue snack wrap.

Column: Time to give working families raise

If we have learned anything about the economy over the past few years, it is this: Real, sustainable and fair economic growth comes from the middle out, not the top down. If the middle class isn’t feeling secure, and if workers can’t climb their way up the ladder, it doesn’t matter how many millionaires are getting bonuses or how many multinational corporations are making record profits. Our economy isn’t truly working unless it is working for every working family.