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Column: Two years into his term, Inslee finally rolls out a big idea

Jay Inslee got so enthusiastic Tuesday about his plans that he sprang a leak.

What it means to be American: We’ve hit lowest point in debate

Years ago, I was on a TV pundit panel when the subject of torture came up. It has stayed with me because it was one of those moments when you wonder how much you understand your own country.

Column: In Seattle, a guy who made unused toilet paper a precious gift

Leon Delong sure wasn’t aiming to become king of an underground empire.

Column: Why do small police forces need 18-ton assault vehicles?

The U.S. Department of Defense’s 1033 program was a mostly obscure surplus military equipment program until the Ferguson, Mo., riots, when America suddenly alerted to the creeping militarization of local police.

Column: Holidays might be time for frank talk with aging parents

It’s the holiday surprise no one wants — seeing your aging parents and thinking how frail they look since the last time you saw them. That should be your cue to plan an end-of-life conversation while the family is together.

Column: Vatican II’s yet to be fulfilled promise to Jewish people

Ever since the double canonization of Popes John XXIII and John-Paul II, commentators have been quick to point out how different they were: the one an insider, the other the first non-Italian pope in centuries; the one liberal, the other conservative.

At Seattle motels, no room for the homeless — paid or not

The trouble with being poor goes far beyond having no money, Rex Hohlbein learned the other day.

Opinion - When it comes to spending, California has our state beat

No matter how dysfunctional politics gets in this state, for many decades we’ve been able to say: At least we’re not California.

Column: Five myths about the Secret Service

During the past five years, the U.S. Secret Service inadvertently let uninvited guests crash a state dinner, fired 10 agents for allegedly hiring prostitutes, pulled members of an elite counterassault team back from overseas duty for drinking, learned from housekeepers that bullets had hit the White House, failed to capture a fence-jumper before he ran through the executive mansion, and allowed an armed contractor with a criminal record to escort President Obama in an elevator.

Opinion - Stop saying Washington ranks 47th in class size

Don’t believe the hype. Washington does not rank 47th for class size.