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Westneat - State Senate doing its oily best to ignore us on transportation

Lawmakers often call the state Capitol “the people’s house,” where they do the people’s business. But increasingly what they seem to be doing is business’s business.

Column: Lift the 1 percent cap on raising property tax

In Washington state, we have argued back and forth about a state income tax virtually from the date of statehood. But the tax we should really focus on is the property tax and the services it funds, including schools and our criminal justice system.

Opinion - Ted Cruz really was born in a foreign country

Sen. Ted Cruz is getting close to announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. The Texan is spending almost as much time in Iowa and New Hampshire as he does on Fox News; he’s hired a staff and collected a long list of fiercely conservative supporters.

Column: Gov. Inslee should remove fuel standards from negotiations

After three years of negotiations, state Senate transportation leaders recently announced bipartisan agreement on a $15 billion, 16-year funding plan.

Column: It’s unfair to burden Walla Walla passengers for Sea-Tac fixes

Nobody likes waiting in line. It makes sense that the Port of Seattle would want to improve the international terminal at Sea-Tac Airport so travelers arriving from Shanghai and Paris can clear customs and retrieve their luggage quickly.

Column: Let’s move past the issue of race to better policing

Pasco is one of those towns few know much about unless you grew up there. I did, and have had to explain countless times where Pasco is — even to people on the western side of the state.

Column: Firing of VA hospital director raises other questions

When the Veterans Affairs scandal was breaking last year, there was no delay from politicians and the press in identifying the villain: Sharon Helman.

Opinion - President needs to help end West Coast port dispute

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my legislative aide stopped in to browse at a kitchen-supply store in Walla Walla. She noticed the shelves were not fully supplied as previous years before Christmas.

Guest column - Early learning should be fun

Launa Hall’s essay from The Washington Post, “Early Learning: How Early Is Too Early to Read?” (U-B Perspective, Feb. 1), made many of us in the early learning community (both parents and professionals) cringe.

City manager - Why is roundabout proposed for Plaza Way?

The citizens of every city share distinct characteristics, and it’s not hard to figure out why — we drive the same streets, we shop in the same stores, we breathe the same air.