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Column: Europe calls out corporate tax schemes our politicians won’t

You’ll have to forgive Amazon for getting a little flustered when the British Parliament publicly blasted the company for “gaming the system” to dodge paying taxes.

Column: Palestinian Authority should return to Gaza

A fragile cease-fire has temporarily stopped the violence in Gaza, and Israeli and Palestinian delegations have made efforts to negotiate a more permanent resolution. The only way they can succeed is to let the Palestinian Authority and its security forces back into Gaza.

Column: GOP vs. GOP battleground

The voters have spoken.

Column: ‘Extra dry’ hurts agriculture

WASHINGTON – California is suffering an epic drought. It’s not the worst drought the state has ever had, but it’s certainly the worst drought the state has ever had while housing tens of millions of residents and containing a significant fraction of U.S. agricultural production.

Seattle wrong place to seek Ferguson solution

Dear national media:

Column: Ferguson reveals a growing gap in a black and white world

A poll and a set of charts both say something important about the situation in Ferguson and around the country. The poll shows the divide between black and white reaction to the shooting, and the charts map the different worlds most white and black Americans inhabit.

Column: Psychiatric treatment can’t be ignored

It is long past time to begin treating those among us who have mental illnesses compassionately and responsibly. In the wake of the Washington Supreme Court’s ruling that our current boarding practices are illegal, it is no longer possible to ignore the lack of system capacity that created that situation.

Several political scandals are hiding in plain sight

The laboratories of democracy are blowing up.

Reader note: Sheriff’s race poll ends 2:09 p.m. Wednesday

The current Union-Bulletin.com poll regarding the Walla Walla County sheriff’s race expires at 2:09 p.m. Wednesday.

Column: Mental illness does not mean your life is over

Bipolar is a lifelong illness. Lifelong. Forever.