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Hypocrisy of state lands commissioner a concern

Washington state Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark is unquestionably a smart man. Before being elected lands commissioner, Goldmark, among many other things, earned a doctorate in molecular biology and was state Secretary of Agriculture.

Video replay has been good for pro baseball

Baseball is a game built on traditions and an unwritten code of conduct.

Targeting family for parents’ old debts ridiculous

It’s unfair, outrageous and ridiculous for the federal government to seek repayment for decades-old debts incurred by relatives — some of whom died long ago.

Releasing federal inmates early requires care

Good intentions are only the starting place for good legislation.

Punch lines about ACA may be changing

Have you heard the latest on the Affordable Care Act?

Valley should step up to save Multicultural Arts Festival

A 20-year-old event may end if volunteers don’t see this as a core value worth saving.

People in the Walla Walla Valley are known for stepping up to the plate when something needs to get done.

Campaign targets distracted driving

Driving has become such a routine for people they often don’t pay close enough attention to what they are doing.

Revisting Memorial Pool is a smart move

As sure as spring follows winter, Walla Walla residents have plunged once more into the swimming pool issue as the temperatures start to rise.

Every 15 Minutes program serves community well

About 30 to 40 years ago society didn’t take drunken driving seriously.

Putting off real Medicare fix with temporary patches a poor prescription

Medicare is one of the few government programs nearly every American expects to benefit from, most likely when they retire.