Opinion / Letters to the editor

Letter - Greg Barreto is a candidate to like

I don’t trust politicians much, so if I vote at all I’m careful for whom I cast my ballot. A while ago, I heard candidate for the Oregon state House, Greg Barreto, speak. I disagreed with a comment he made, and so emailed him my concerns.

Letter - Simply remodel Wa-Hi science building

Why are we seeing the Wa-Hi building proposal before us yet again? Is this not the same song, second verse?

Letter - Lab experiments critical to science education

As a retired teacher of college chemistry with granddaughters in Walla Walla, I have read every letter to the editor on the proposed Walla Walla High School bond. Open houses offered at the high school allowed me to see what the current science facilities are like.

Letter - Cost of science building too much

I would like to submit a cost comparison for taxpayers to review before they vote. The information can be verified online at USKH.com.

Letter - Bizarre approach to supporting kids is not support

A disturbing and anti-quality-of-education perspective currently is being promoted (as evidenced by recent letters to the U-B) with regard to why a “no” vote is the best vote regarding the Walla Walla High School bond issue.

Letter - Word is show at Power House Theatre worth seeing

My wife and I recently received an email from a Seattle friend. Briefly: “Run, don’t walk, to get tickets for ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’”

Letter - Effort to save VA hospital makes citizen proud

In light of the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center, I must borrow from Paul Harvey and tell “The rest of the story.”

Letter - Hmmm, Wa-Hi conspiracy?

I’m convinced there is a conspiracy going on with this latest Walla Walla High School bond issue proposal. In fact this conspiracy permeates every corner of the Walla Walla Public Schools. It starts with the School Board and runs through the administration, to the teachers and the support staff. I saw it first when I was a kindergarten student at Green Park. I saw it at Pioneer and at Wa-Hi. I’ve been a willing pawn of this widespread conspiracy for the past 20 years, assisting the past three superintendents to help identify physical plant repair and replacement priorities.

Letter - Will students be brainwashed with scientism?

I’m confident this letter won’t be published given the U-B’s unbridled sycophancy for materialistic scientism; but all views should be heard.

Letter - All of Wa-Hi could be updated for $10 million

The current Walla Walla High School science building has two classrooms updated approximately four or five years ago. These updates allowed these two rooms to be used extensively as computer classrooms.