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Column - Jesus risen: Did the disciples hallucinate?

Resurrection in ancient Jewish thought involved the re-creation of a dead human being, body and soul. The new body is immortal and cannot suffer or die again, but lives in God’s new world free of strife and disease. The Jews who believed this thought it would only happen at the end of time.

Story of Jesus’ death, resurrection seems strange

I think it’s time for one of us pastors to be frank: the story of Jesus dying on the cross somehow making us immortal is a bit weird.

Carrying Jesus: A wild ride, but worth it

When I was growing up, I had a friend who had a donkey. I remember a group of us playing in the field, looking for frogs and lizards, stomping in the creek, and then deciding it would be a fun idea to ride the donkey — the donkey that until now, had not been ridden.

Fear not — the gospel is good news

When a friend asked me, “what does it mean that Jesus died for my sins?” my first impulse was to tell him, “I don’t have a clue.”

To whom do you give your worship?

Before God and Kings, a Psalm of David “I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; before the “gods” I will sing your praise. 

Is what’s cooking a jumble or did God make it?

The following statement has been floating around the Internet for several years. I am not sure to whom it should be attributed:

Do we need another Jesus, another gospel?

“Give Me That Old Time Religion” is a song we rarely hear today because few seem to want it. We’d rather hear a rendition of “Give Me That Comfortable and Contemporary Gospel.”

It's simple: Love God, love people, hate sin

Love God, hate sin. Even as I write these words, I run the risk of alienating those who might read them, but I ask you to bear with me as I explain.

PASTOR COLUMN - Among Christianity's gifts: Valuing girls

What positive difference has Christianity made in history? Well, there are many answers. Today we'll look at one: the influence of Christianity has changed our valuation of female children.In the early years of Christianity, when it was a fledgling group

PASTOR COLUMN - Focus on Jesus to see who you really are

One question that seems to plague us is, "who am I?"Everyone has periods when we try to figure out who we are. There are certain transitional moments, such as when people leave behind their parents' faith and develop their own. And then there are yimes wh