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Record chinook returns in Hanford Reach

VANTAGE, Wash. — Fall chinook salmon are returning to the Hanford Reach section of the Columbia River in record-setting numbers.

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A debate on John Wayne Trail

In the hours before a hearing in Rosalia on Nov. 10, a few people were walking and biking nearby on a special ribbon of public land.

Hunting family builds bags to help haul meat

BILLINGS — For most of his 60 years, Chris Peterson has been hunting elk and, when successful, packing them out on his back in boned-out quarters, sometimes over the course of two days.

Fly tying class offers University of Idaho veterans therapy — with a twist

MOSCOW — Paul Agidius tells Nathan Deahn that there is no right or wrong way to do what he is doing.

OFWC votes to delist wolves from state ESA

SALEM, Ore.—The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to delist wolves from the state Endangered Species Act throughout Oregon on Monday.

Public comments show enthusiasm for Rattlesnake Mountain access

KENNEWICK — A request for public comments on how the federal government should manage public access to Rattlesnake Mountain has been met with enthusiasm.

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Jackrabbits: A leap into the Valley’s past

November is the beginning of the hold-in-place-and-survive months for most wildlife. Many of the native song birds are well on their way south into Central and South America to rest and live in the austral summer. That is until they start the long flight back to Walla Walla County in early January to set up territories and breed next spring.

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Biking through the San Juans

It had been nearly 14 years since Larry and Linda Johnson of Walla Walla could return to Washington’s San Juan Islands, and getting to spend a week there in October was perfect medicine for two people who work hard to run Johnson and Johnson Janitorial service, plus offer their free time to their church.

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Bigfoot believers have annual gathering

CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. — Bigfoot believers gathered Saturday in western New York, convinced the legendary Sasquatch has left its footprints all over the region.

One Fly tests fly fishers’ choices under pressure

A fly fisher’s stream-side selection of patterns to fix on the line has more perplexing variables than the art of creating a fly at the vise.

Wallula Gap

A geocaching expedition to Wallula Gap.

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