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Is rally greatest game in Seattle history?

Let’s begin by asking the questions I know are foremost in the mind of every Seahawks fan. Every sports fan. Every human being who watched the madness Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

Seahawks’ rally shows their incredible resolve, toughness

For this one, injured Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had to play the closing minutes with one arm.

Wilson struggles, but ultimately finds Super place

Russell Wilson didn’t even wait for the first question before audible-ing. “The game started off kind of ugly, huh?” he asked the assembled media with a giggle.

Seattle coach, GM share rare bond

After giving a rhapsodic description of his close, symbiotic relationship with general manager John Schneider on Thursday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked how quickly they hit it off.

Don’t bet on Rodgers avoiding Sherman

One of the biggest plot points for Sunday’s NFC title game has become: “Will they or won’t they?”

It’s old guard vs. new guard with QBs

The four remaining NFL quarterbacks can be divided into two convenient categories: The old-guard titans (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers) trying to hold off the new wave of young contenders to the throne (Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck).

Hawks look to keep Rodgers on the run

Aaron Rodgers limps to Seattle, tough and legendary, coming off one of the greatest performances in his certain Hall of Fame career.

College football’s title game Rose Bowl in disguise

College football traditionalists are going to get their rightful Rose Bowl matchup after all.

Seattle’s receivers fight for respect

Richard Sherman started listing the characteristics of Seattle’s wide receivers earlier this week, gaining momentum as he went.

Baldwin: ‘Every game is treated the same’

A year ago, the Seahawks were too young and carefree to feel the pressure of being a favorite to make the Super Bowl.