Group to offer support to local suicide survivors

'Surviving Suicide Loss' will offer sessions on the second Tuesday of every month.

WALLA WALLA -- "We're giving the hope of a new normal."It's really all Janet Moore can do, now.It was almost 18 months ago when her family's "normal" changed forever. Oct. 23, 2009, was when Moore's beautiful and bright -- but tortured -- daughter ended h

Local, state and national suicide statistics

Since 2005, 52 people have died by suicide in the Walla Walla Valley. Of those, 17 were female.Ages range widely — four were teens, one 13 years old.In the next age group, young adults 40 and under, 12 residents have died by suicide. One person was 84.

Medics face unknown at suicide scenes

Local professionals have seen an uptick on drug overdoses, including intentional ones.

WALLA WALLA -- The calls come in from the 911 dispatch, alerting his staff they are needed at a suicide or attempted suicide, said city Deputy Fire Chief Brad Morris.Police go in first to stabilize and clear the scene, then it's time for the paramedics to

First responders see, feel overwhelming fallout from suicides

WALLA WALLA -- Barry Blackman remembers the first suicide he attended nearly 20 years ago. In detail.

Paper aims to balance need to know, privacy

Suicide. Few words can rip out the heart of a family like this one. Death is always an emotional time, but the turmoil and mental anguish surrounding this act hits family members and friends like a Mike Tyson blow to the midsection. They can't breathe. Th

Subject tough to report on, but demands action

There are some stories that can make a reporter want to run in the opposite direction.

Nate was here ... but too briefly

Father vows to use his experiences to help other survivors of suicide.

'John, he's gone.”The words coming over the phone from his daughter-in-law a nation away were hardly comprehendible, John Paulson recalled. At that moment, he struggled to remember how to breathe.It was July 20, three days before Nathanael Paulson would h

Walla Walla-area suicides hit crisis level

Coroner Richard Greenwood decided to take action after there were as many suicides in one month as in all of 2010.

WALLA WALLA — Walla Walla County Coroner Richard Greenwood, along with Deputy Coroner Allison Barnett, hardly knew where to turn.It was the end of January and the five suicides they'd officially attended had already reached the total for all of 2010.Both

Department wants increase in mental health services

The Walla Walla County Department of Human Services is planning to approach county commissioners soon to discuss new ways to bring additional mental health services to Walla Walla County, said Executive Director Daryl Daugs.'We are seeing higher levels of