Sustainable Community

Center to hold worm composting class

The Sustainable Living Center will present a worm composting class from 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesday in the Walla Walla Community College Water and Environmental Center Rooms 2023/2024, 500 Tausick Way.

For medical center, 'green' effort pays

To minimize its impact on the environment, Providence St. Mary Medical Center formed The Green Team in 2008, and the changes since that time have been extraordinary.

$n$ Switch to organic yields trials, rewards for farm

The Williams' Hudson Bay Farm -- the Hudson Bay Trading Company's farm during the mid-1800s -- has recently gone organic.Approximately six years ago, along with our wives, Penny Hawkins and Melinda Eden, we made the decision to convert our farm to organic

Students put sustainability at fore

Sustainability at Walla Walla University is increasingly becoming a more conscious effort on campus. Students have led the focus on sustainable living, and have made or are in the process of making many improvements to campus sustainability.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY - Drivers can reap benefits from slower pace

When our sustainability group sat in a circle brain-storming articles for these biweekly columns, there were lots of suggestions, including how to get better gas mileage in the cars we all drive.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY - As with idle hands, little good comes from idling cars

As the cost of gasoline continues to creep up and we look to improve our gas mileage as well as protect the environment, it's worthwhile to evaluate our driving behavior when it comes to idling our engines.

Alternative presents a gift for the giver, too

Whether it is our custom, ritual, requirement or obligation, we all are probably making a list and checking it twice to make sure we have not left out someone we "need" to give a gift to.Some of us may go overboard and collect many gifts for that special

Without proper insulation, cash flows out the window

You can't see it, but your home insulation is secretly saving you money. But without adequate insulation, you might be paying to heat your back yard.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY - Coffey's green efforts include people, practices, products

When Coffey Communications Inc. claimed the grand prize among local businesses in the Green Commute Competition this past spring, the company's event organizers were a bit surprised.