Documents for October 2012


Evaluation of City Government

City of Walla Walla Evaluation of City Government, survey of city residents.

Draft Cleanup Action Plan

Action plan for Schwerin Concaves Site prepared by Washington Department of Ecology, Eastern Regional Office, Toxics Cleanup Program, Spokane.

Letters from Washington Department of Health

Copies of letters sent to those whose records were illegally accessed by someone using a physician’s identity.

Memo pertaining to jail restrictions

Memo from Sheriff John Turner explaining jail restriction due to budgetary constraints.

Inland Octopus Supreme Court Order

Supreme Court of Washington order denying Petition for Review of Inland Octopus case.

Details of Wa-Hi Modernization Plan

Conceptual illustrations of the proposed Wa-Hi modernization plans.

Complaint to remove Rural Library Trustees

Copy of the Library User’s Complaint and supporting documents.

Information filed in Federal Court

Charge filed against Carole J. Lepiane - Theft from Federally Funded Local Agency