Live @ Sapolil - Gregory Rollins & The Correspondence School Rock/Groove/Mojo

Rawlins’ influences draw from a mash-up of classic rock, early country music, and the Seattle grunge wave of the early 1990s– genres illustrated in his solo work, as well as in Sons of Guns, a band he co-fronts with longtime friend Mike Surber.

In 2008, Rawlins self-released “The Amazing Circle of Boxes,” his 19-track debut album recorded between 2002-2007 during the interims of band activity, in a series of bedrooms, basements, garages and warehouses. At times simple and meditative, at times erratic, spacey, distorted and fused with a myriad of electronics and natural sounds, Rawlins auspiciously established himself as unique entity among American musicians.


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