Round-Up University Series 301 #4 - The Tribe: Why did they come?

Round-Up University isn’t a university in the usual sense. This bastion of high learning doesn’t have ivy-covered buildings, accreditation or even a football team ~ though they hold a heck of a rodeo. RUU professors aren’t required to hold hoity-toity Ph.D. degrees and most wear dusty cowboy boots instead of loafers or heels.
Date: Thursday, March 21st
Time: 5:30-7pm
Location: Hamley Slickfork Saloon
Cost: FREE to all ages
Food/Beverage: Loaded Baked Potato, Cup of Chili & a Cookie Bite all for only $10. No host bar available too!

This week’s 310-series: The Tribe: Why did they come?
Still a Main Attraction! By 1910 the Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla Indian people had already enjoyed a long history of horse breeding and trading with annual round-ups a part of their culture. They had specific interests in joining with the Pendleton Round-Up and the rest is history; a legendary, authentic, and uniquely Pendleton history.


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