Walla Walla Weight Loss Challenge

  • Ongoing: until Monday, April 1, 2013
  • Monday: 5:30pm
  • Where: To Your Health Nutrition
  • Cost: Free - $39 buy tickets
  • Age limit: All ages

Our goal is for you to be able to lose weight, keep it off and possibly gain $money$!

You can join our challenge for only $39.00 for a 12-week class and you will receive:

• Your own Personal Coach
• FREE Body Analysis
• Nutrition & Wellness Education – plus, Group Support
• It’s going to be social and FUN!!!

$10 of the entry fee will go to Children’s Home Society Walla Walla and rest of the entry $’s will be paid out to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners for the biggest percentage of body weight lost NOT pounds and inches- This way it’s fair for everyone - men and woman:

• 50% will go to 1st Place
• 30% 2nd Place
• 20% 3rd Place

We support ALL weight loss programs. Our major goal is for long term
wellness…to help you LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF no matter what program you choose to be on.

So each week we will cover a different health topic, such as:
• Importance of protein intake
• How to REV up your Metabolism to burn more calories
• Making sense of carbohydrates
• Portion Control,
• Healthy grocery shopping & dining out
• Understanding fats and sugars
• Exercise & Stress & much more

Normally we will meet for 1 hour per week; although, the first two weeks will take a bit longer due to:
• Wk 1 - Initial weigh-ins, Measurements, Photos
(off to the side – personal info & confidential)
• Wk 2 - Body Analysis

Visit our website for more information...

This event was posted Dec. 27, 2012 and last updated Sept. 16, 2014


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