Stories for October 1991


Sunday, October 27

Migrant workers prepare to head home for winter

BOARDMAN, Ore. _ Like a flock of birds flying in formation across the blue sky heading south for the winter, migrant families in the Pacific Northwest are packing their belongings and preparing to return to their homes.It's been a long harvest for many of

Journey home begins soon

BOARDMAN, Ore. _ Since early September, migrant families have been leaving the Northwest and returning home to Texas or Mexico.Trucks loaded with personal belongings and packed to capacity with people were spotted in Hermiston, Umatilla and Irrigon, all l

Lifestyle of migrant worker hasn't been easy

BOARDMAN, Ore. _ I've been riding an emotional roller coaster for the past two weeks since Maria Elena Martinez first informed me that we would be leaving the area and returning to Texas ``any day now.''One day it's ``We're leaving tommorrow,'' and the ne

Sunday, October 20

Migrants boost sales totals

BOARDMAN, Ore. _ Although their true impact on the economy hasn't been measured, migrant workers surely provide a boost for some types of businesses.Grocery and retail store owners say that sales increase immediately when migrant workers are in the area.