Stories for March 2005


Sunday, March 27

Vets budget hike nixed

Sen. Patty Murray attemptedto add almost $2 billion for veterans' health care to a defense spending bill.

An attempt by U.S. Sen. Patty Murray to secure almost $2 billion in additional health- care funding for veterans was rejected on Tuesday, along with claims that Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country are on the verge of crisis.

Thursday, March 24

Spend more, not less, on our veterans

Walla Walla already has an excellent veterans hospital with room to grow. The federal government should be looking at ways to make it an even better facility.

How should we, as a nation, care for our veterans? That question is the focus of national debate raging as Congress and the White House bicker over funding for veterans' health care, hospitals and long-term care.This debate, however, is not necessarily sp