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photo neat knit lady Amy Kinney in her office at the old terminal building of the Walla Walla Airport shows the beginnings of a sweater she is currently working on.

Business/job title: Advantagecom Networks, Inc., chief operating officer and executive of I2E2 (Internet Integration and Efficiencies Engineer)

Hometown: Walla Walla. "Although I wasn’t born here, I very much consider it home." She was born in Portland.

What brought you to Walla Walla?: "I went to college, met my husband and never moved away."

Favorite memory: "For some reason, right now because it’s summer, I remember eating my grandmother’s potato salad at a family picnic."

Current favorite song/CD: She said there are several bands she favors — Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure. "From the good old ’80s. And if I’m in a bad mood: Depeche Mode."

Favorite movie: "Star Trek Nemesis," and "Galaxy Quest." "I’m a Sci-Fi nut. It goes with the territory: computers, geek stuff."

Favorite food: "Thai food, and I love El Sombrero so much. Thai and Mexican. I could eat tacos every day, and I’d be happy."

Favorite book: "I don’t do much reading anymore, mostly blogs.

Favorite hobby: "Anything creative — sewing, knitting, decoupage. It’s nice to have a balance. When you’re busy with an infant, it’s interesting to sew and do creative things. He’s a snuggler and loves being in my lap."

Favorite place in Walla Walla County: Rooks Park.

Most recent local purchase: "A chai latte at Merchants."

Dream vacation: "I’d love to go rockhounding somewhere with my husband. We’re definitely rockhounds. We always walk through gravel parking lots with our heads down, looking."

Worst job: "Well, it was a love-hate relationship with the job, but I have fond memories. I drove combines for my father. I am so proud that I had that job with my dad." But she also said that it was hot, dirty and often monotonous. Kinney has a great respect and admiration for the work done by farmers. "But I like my desk job."

Dream career: "I really like what I do. I can imagine designing and doing things on the side — like sewing things to sell. But that might take the joy out of it."

Person you’d most like to talk to: "It would be fun to meet my great grandparents who started the farm. I never got to meet them. If I remember correctly, they were the ones who came here from Germany. My dad still lives there."


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