Allow Millers to help animals


I wish to make a comment about the article in the paper about Shirley and Wes Miller, the animal and fowl and wildlife lovers. I don't know these people closely, but I live in the vicinity where they live and I have seen all the animals Shirley takes in and takes care of.

The first time I met Shirley was when my son and his wife found an injured eagle and took it to Shirley to fix up and she fixed it.

I feel that Shirley is a wonderful person who really loves animals and all wildlife. I think everyone who has ever been near her or seen the way she cares for animals should write a letter to the people who took her license from her so she can start taking care of these animals that she loves so much and need her loving care.

So come on all animal lovers, let's get her license back.

Myrtle H. Sagers
Walla Walla


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