Oversight of elder care is important


I am writing in response to Harry Flemmer and the recent firings of administrators at Regency at the Park. The mere fact that Mr. Flemmer is able to recite incidences and facts pertaining to the abuse case at Regency gives good indication that the privacy act for this resident absolutely was not followed.

I can't think of how anyone else would know what was talked about in a private visit with this person's doctor? How could someone not involved with this person's care know things that only staff and family would (and should) know?

I work in a care facility so I know all complaints made to a state agency are investigated no matter how ridiculous or outrageous the claim may seem. People are able to make complaints any time they want, as many times as they want to. This does not mean every reported claim is valid. Not every case of abuse is reported either.

I would also like to address the comment made by Mr. Flemmer in the paper (and I quote), "I am certainly an advocate for reasonable and common sensed residents rights." Not all residents are reasonable or common sensed due to dementia or just pure age, which is most likely why they were placed into care in the first place.

Elder abuse does happen and I certainly feel more secure knowing there are agencies that overlook the quality of care that all residents are entitled to receive. Trust me when it comes your time to any sort of care facility you will be glad you are provided with the same rights as well.

Trisha Scott
Milton Freewater


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