Local espresso stand benefits our youths


Back in 1990 Susan Richard, along with her husband Brian, and Alan Jones opened Chocolate Expectations , the first drive-thru espresso stand in Walla Walla.

I don't believe anyone would have realized the impact they were to have on our community.

In these years Susan has hired more employees than I can count, average of a dozen at any one time. Most all of her employees would start as young as 16 years old. Susan has taught them responsibility, honesty and given them self confidence in what was for most of them their first jobs.

Susan knows the importance of school, sports and social lives. She schedules them accordingly and encourages them to adjust shifts to attend additional events. When it comes time for homecoming activities and spring formal she and Brian would be seen serving drinks at each location so everyone could attend.

Many of these employees would come back to work summers during college and work as a second job after they graduated. They have had several employees with them for 10 years. The employees are treated as family to Brian and Susan, they treat them with respect and in turn they are treated with respect.

When the first of September came around Coffee Cravings on Ninth Avenue was found in a difficult lease situation. Susan made a call to Tish Watts, a local friend/Realtor and customer, as to what solution they could come up with. In no time Watts Construction under the direction of Travis Watts with his folks and other family members broke ground on 10th Avenue and Poplar Street for the new, more convenient location. With the community and local subs who willingly arranged their schedule to make this urgent move possible in a short time shows their support for Susan and Brian.

With lots of hard work and determination Susan was able to keep the employees working with only a short time from closure to opening of the new location.

Susan, Brian and the employees are looking forward to seeing all their familiar customers and welcoming new ones to their new home at 10th and Poplar with a grand opening soon.

Walla Walla is very lucky to have community members such as Susan and Brian Richard to influence our youths.

Kathie Farrens
Walla Walla


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