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Waitsburg School Board

Waitsburg School Board members are Ross Hamann, Elizabeth Cole, Terry Jacoy, Randy Pearson and Greg Zuger. With all present Wednesday the board:

LEVY: Decided to run two-year replacement and operation levy Feb. 9. Levy amount for 2011 is $410,000, and for 2012 is $422,000. The current levy is $383,000. Unanimous.

PERSONNEL: Approved hiring the following coaches: Dustin Snediger, high school head baseball; Bud Bowman, middle school head softball; John Watts, middle school head baseball; Angie Potts, high schkool head softball; Carly Benavides, high school head assistant softball (contingent on turnout), and Marvin Eng, high school assistant softball. Unanimous.

REPORTS: Learned the cold spell has challenged the heating system.

POLICIES: Adopted policy related to student sports, concussions and head injuries and policy related to use of school facilities. Unanimous.

REORGANIZATION: Elected Ross Hamann as board chairman and Greg Zuger as vice chairman for 2010. Unanimous. Administered oath of office to new board member Marilyn Johnson. Johnson replaces Elizabeth Cole, who was unable to run again because she moved out of her board district.

FACILITIES USE: Approved use by Walla Walla Defensive Driving to use facilities in late spring. Unanimous.


Council members are Bill Boyd, Chet Mills and Dennis Snider. One seat is vacant. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the Council:

CITY HALL: Learned City Hall will be closed Dec. 22 because the front door will be replaced that day. City Hall is being remodeled for handicap accessibility.

APPOINTMENT: Appointed Amy Mayer to the planning commission. Unanimous.

VEHICLE: Approved purchase of a police vehicle for no more than $37,832.60. The vehicle will be a Chevrolet Tahoe or a Ford Expedition. Unanimous.

ZONING: Authorized city planner to follow through with planning commission’s recommendation to amend the zoning regarding transportation standards. The amendment will be presented in January. Unanimous.

POLICE TRAINING: Approved police field training with the city of Pendleton. Agreed to send a letter to the city of Pendleton stating the city would not be held liable. Unanimous.

LIGHT: Tabled discussion of new street light at North Water and Highway 204. The state DOT has reconfigured striping in the intersection, but it is not lighted. The intersection is outside city limits.

TREES: Voted to split cost of removing a dead tree on private property. Limbs of the tree hang over the library. The city’s share would be $400. Unanimous.

CITY HALL DEED: Accepted quick claim deed from the Oddfellows for the second story and roof of City Hall. The last records, from 1936, show the second floor and roof belong to the Oddfellows. Unanimous.

BONUS: Approved holiday bonuses of $100 for full-time employees, and $50 for part-time employees. Unanimous.

Athena City Council

Council members are Eric Pickard, LaVerne Mitchell, John Shafer, Deborah Hayward and Carol Speed. Mayor is Charles Vickery. With all present Thursday the Council:

PLANNING: Learned from planner Helen Miller the striping on Fifth Street has been completed.

FEES: Approved ordinance fee schedule for 2009-2010.

SEWER INCREASE: Voted to increase sewer rates by $4 a month beginning with the January billing. The increase is part of a plan set two years ago, and enables the city to obtain a loan from Rural Development to complete the $1.5 million wastewater project. Unanimous.

BUDGET: Appointed Recorder Dyann Swanson budget officer for 2010-2011 budget year. Unanimous.

STATE POOL: Discuss whether city should participate in state pool.

ADVERTISING: Decided to mail a separate sheet along with the city newsletter that contains business card ads beginning in January. Discount coupons will be allowed. Unanimous.


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