Guess who else was at dinner?


I hope you read the article in the Dec. 7 issue regarding the timber law. It describes a perfect example of what was probably a well-intentioned federal (taxpayer-funded) program that has gone "hog wild."

Before it's over, every member of Congress will be figuring how to get its state in the trough. The unanswered question is: Who is going to pay for this largesse? Ah, well, our kids and grandkids will be paying for everything else the progressives have in mind. Had enough?

Let's throw the rascals out. All of them!

Did you notice who else was at the State Dinner along with the "party crashers?" Jan Schakowsky, congresswoman from Chicago, and husband Robert Creamer, a felon convicted of bank fraud. While in prison he wrote a book: "Stand Up Straight -- How Progressives Can Win." Check them out on the Web. They are very close to President Obama.

James Cline
Milton Freewater


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