Etc. - 12/15/09


The Center at the Park expects to have a room renovated at their site that will benefit area families because of the Sherwood Trust Leadership Class of 2009.

Each year's current class chooses a community project and a recent survey of Walla Walla parents yielded some interesting results leading to this project.

The survey notes that many feel there isn't an identifiable place to receive parenting information; they want more interaction with other parents in a group setting; and at least 50 percent wanted more in-person parenting help.

So the Center dedicated its Stonecipher Room for renovation and future program use. The room offers an outside entrance, sink and bathroom. The flooring will be replaced with commercial-grade hardwood.

The Center will seek opportunities for seniors to interact with children and families in structured activities and will schedule the room's usage for program providers.

Financial contributions will enable children and families here to gather and nurture relationships while focusing on early childhood education. Earmark donations to Early Learning at the Center and send to The Center at the Park, 720 Sprague Ave. Call 527-3775 or e-mail 2009STLC for more details.


Reporter Andy Porter and I chuckle nearly every day because of our page-a-day calendars. Mine, called Anguished English, gets its bloopers from the press, courts, sports and so forth. And for Andy's Urban Dictionary, we surmise there must be a group of unfortunates locked in a room until they fabricate goofy words with definitions. The word for Dec. 5/6 in Andy's, for example, is "awesinine," which is defined as "Stupidly brilliant or brilliantly stupid. Describes an idea or work whose chief virtue is its overwhelming, unadulterated dumbness. Guy 1: 'Have you seen that movie, 'Snakes on a Plane?' Guy 2: 'Heck, yeah! That thing was awesinine.'"

The goofiness abounds between coined words on his and mindless, but amusing drivel on mine, such as Sportspeak for Dec. 5/6: "Sure there have been injuries and death in boxing, but none of them serious," which was attributed to Alan Minter, presumably an English ABA middleweight champion, if Google can be relied upon. Well, I was just on Merriam-Webster,, my favorite dictionary-thesaurus source online. Its WORD OF THE DAY for that date was "wordulous, \Anonymous\ adjective: given to inventing creative new words because one's large vocabulary needs sustenance." I think wordulous could mean bereft of words, so I'm wordulous after that definition.

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