Etcetera - 12/18/09


Fourth- and fifth-grade members of Berney Elementary School's Student Council devised a plan to encourage the student body to donate to Walla Walla School District's food drive.

Students served hot chocolate in the morning in exchange for food items. Posters they created advertised the event and provided reminders and updates.

Students were responsible for lifting and counting the heavy cans to ensure everyone was helped with their donations.

Children who brought in extra cans were seen sharing their hot chocolate with fellow students.

This holiday season the students are learning about compassion and putting it into practice, according to Cliff Taylor, Student Council Parent Resource advisor.

Council members include Hayley Taylor, president; Ashley Halazon, secretary; and Lacee Hickman and Natalia Bloom, representatives.

The Berney lobby also hosted another positive activity. Just a few feet away from the food donation area, Hayley, Ashley, Lacee and Natalia sold holiday cards to Berney students.

For $1 each, students bought cards that bore a personal message and were adorned with candy canes to send to their friends. The holiday card fundraiser overshot its initial $100 goal.

In fact, on Wednesday, the girls, under the supervision of Kristen Duede, presented $250 from the card fundraiser to BMHS. "We are very proud of these girls," Cliff e-mailed. Danielle Orchard with the Humane Society and Kristen coordinated the event, he said.

Future activities and fundraiser ideas they discussed include assistance to the homeless, elderly, military families and Berney School.


After standing on the corner of Ninth Avenue and Chestnut Street at Melody Muffler for 25 years, the Muffler Family statues --Muffler Man, Muffy, Muffler Boy and Spot Weld the dog, have gone through some family changes, said owner Mike Hammond.

Muffy caught someone's eye and is now in residence on a main street in Redding, Calif. A new Muffler Woman, unnamed and needing suggestions for a new name, and the whole family have had makeovers, although not extreme, Mike said.

Melody Muffler often customizes sculptures for buyers of its art, which is nationally recognized and distributed.

Submit name suggestions for the new Muffler Woman to Melody Muffler, 429 S. Ninth Ave., or 509-525-8600.

The winner will receive a small art sculpture.

Deadline for submissions is Jan. 31, 2010.

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