The Corps, environmentalists and socialism


I am a proud retiree from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It was formed June 14, 1775, making it older than the United States. Its engineering credentials are historic and it championed environmental protection for America’s natural resources.

Environmentalists idolize John Muir, who adored the Corps.

"For many years they (Army engineers) have guarded the great Yellowstone Park and now they are guarding Yosemite. They have found it a desert, as far as underbrush, grass and flowers are concerned, but in two years, the skin of the mountains is healthy again. Blessings on Uncle Sam’s soldiers, as they have done the job well, and every pine tree is waving its arms in joy" — Muir, a naturalist.

Please Google: National Park History Corps of Engineers involvement creating Yellowstone National Park.

If Al Johnson will obtain legislation, funding, silence a rogue judge, exclude frivolous lawsuits, gain approval of land-owners, railroads, etc. the Corps can remove and transfer cubic miles of sediments to adjacent topsoil-starved lands.

Essayons! Let us try!

Oh yeah! Flood waters are temporarily stored in the top five feet of reservoirs, not the bottom.

Bill McCaw befuddles again "describing any government action as socialism shows the person’s lack of understanding of economics." Obama vowed to "fundamentally change the United States;" he seized private enterprise and awarded it to labor; appointed czars with absolute power over policy, legislation and regulation; violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights; willfully destroys value of the dollar; adds unsustainable debt to bankrupt America and dismisses citizen’s voices. Sure smells like socialism.

McCaw used "pure socialism, "pure communistic socialism" and "pure unregulated capitalism." Pure forms of government cannot exist—segments of impure people run them.

McCaw states "without government regulation there is no limit to greed." Regulations fill boxcars yet criminal greed in government and private sectors flourishes from "favors for cash" activities. Influence everywhere is bought whether through bribes or tips, differing only through intended purpose.

Financial kingpins concentrate on making money through managing wealth-creating industries. It’s their job. What is excessive profit? Sensible investors seek maximum profits. Who misunderstands economics?

Programs to help poor exist in every presidency. Johnson’s Great Society instituted massive public housing projects, which were turned to rubble. Psychologists post mortem alleged poor were uneasy in new surroundings and reproduced slums for comfort zones. Freddie and Fanny pushed financial institutions for loans to unqualified people.

Oh well!

William L. Kelly

Walla Walla


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