NOW PLAYING - 'Law Abiding Citizien' unbelievably dumb, violent


It's been too long since I've been to the theater and seen a good movie.

So, I went to the theater the other day -- and, unfortunately, I'm still waiting for a good movie.

"Law Abiding Citizen" stinks.

The film is unnecessarily violent and outrageously stupid. It's surprising that the incredibly talented Jamie Foxx agreed to star in this bow-wow.

This movie is just wrong from start to finish.

Foxx plays Nick Rice, a hot-shot Philadelphia prosecutor with a 97-percent conviction rate.

He's been assigned to prosecute a brutal double murder in which a mother and her little girl were murdered by two monsters. The husband/father, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), had been stabbed in the gut and was forced to helplessly watch.

The more vile of the two killers -- the one who stuck the knife in Shelton and his family and raped his wife -- reaches out for a plea-bargain deal, and Rice takes it to keep his conviction rate up.

Shelton can't believe Rice is going to allow this vermin to take a deal that allows him to get out of prison in only three years. The other killer will be executed, but Shelton is nevertheless stunned by the injustice.

A decade passes, and we see Rice going to the penitentiary to witness the execution of a killer. Something goes wrong, as the condemned prisoner dies an incredibly painful death. The drugs used for the execution were switched. One of the bottles had "You can't fight fate" carved in it. That's the expression used by the other killer when he stuck the knife in his victims.

It seems obvious that one bad guy turned on the other.

The cops race to the rundown apartment where the murderer lives. But the scumbag receives a phone call warning him that the cops are on the way and this mystery caller tells him how he can make his escape.

What's going on?

Yeah, like you don't know.

It is, of course, Shelton who is helping this killer escape so he can get revenge.

It's at this point I pretty much had enough. Now, I can tolerate a film that telegraphs the plot as long as it's done with some style.

In "Law Abiding Citizen" it's just plain gross. Some of the scenes -- and this revenge scene in particular -- are too, too much.

Unfortunately, what I've described occurs in the first part of the movie. And it doesn't get any better from there.

Not only is the film violent for no other reason than shock value, the plot twists are so cartoonish one would expect Foxx or Butler to play characters with masks and capes.

"Law Abiding Citizen" is a waste of money and time.


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