Rotary puts $25,000 cash for top raffle prize


WALLA WALLA -- The Walla Walla Noon Rotary is dropping the grand prize in its raffle and instead is showing the money, $25,000, in what is a first for the community service club.

"We mulled over doing a large prize with a cash-out option, but we decided to just do cash; that seems to be the best way to go," said board member Chris Coates.

In the past, the club has used community events like salmon feeds to raise close to $45,000 in one night. But those events require excessive volunteer hours from members, Coates said.

"It takes an immense amount of hours to put together and a lot of manpower, so we were trying to find a similar fundraiser where we could produce the same amount of funds but not be as time consuming on our members," she said.

Raffle tickets are now on sale from club members for $20. The raffle will include four $1,000 prizes. A maximum of 3,500 raffle tickets will be sold. The money will be used to fund about $30,000 in scholarships next year and to help the city in its goal of planting 1,500 trees, along with other Rotarian projects.

Contact a Walla Walla Noon Rotary Club member for tickets or call Chris Coates at 524-5107.


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