Walla Walla's bad streets are frustrating


The neglect of Walla Walla's streets is embarrassing. The letter by David Jenkins listed many streets that were in desperate need of repair. There are so many more that he didn't mention. It's surprising that Highland Street, Whitman Street (between Pioneer Park and Sharpstein School) and a multitude of others didn't make his list.

Ever since I moved back to the area about six years ago, I don't believe that I have seen one street that was completely resurfaced or repaired. Usually, they are torn up and pieced back together like a patchwork quilt.

I won't even drive down certain streets in order to avoid the teeth-rattling ride. I spoke to a gentleman who lives down the street and he told me that in the 26 years he has lived here, his street has been chip coated one time! While driving through a small Oregon town, I thought to myself, why are the streets in this little town (one-quarter the size of Walla Walla) better than our streets? It's crazy!

I would welcome a rate hike, a bond or whatever it would take to improve the streets of Walla Walla. Is anyone else with me?

Government is rarely as effective as private enterprise. Walla Walla is in need of major street rehabilitation program, but maybe put it out to bid with private contractors who have the equipment, manpower and skill-level to get the job done correctly.

As a contractor myself, I take a great deal of pride in this city and will continue to do "my thing" improving one house at a time, but I am extremely frustrated with Walla Walla's streets.

Kevin S. Davis
Walla Walla


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