Helen Keller's words ring true today


The U-B carried a story about the Walla Walla Little Theatre's production of The Miracle Working dealing with the life of Helen Keller.

At a time when people who should know better rant about "Death Panels" and communism regarding health-care reform and one of the major political parties endorses images of Dachau as emblematic of Nazi "health care," the words that Ms. Keller left us in a 1935 issue of Home Magazine ring especially true today in another period of economic turmoil.

The test of a democracy is not the magnificence of buildings or the speed of automobiles or the efficiency of air transportation, but rather the care given to the welfare of all the people.

Like any chain, we are only as good as the weakest link; when that link needs care, it is the duty of a good people to provide it.

Paul Franzmann
Walla Walla


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