Visitor annoyed with parking policy


I was visiting Walla Walla on Nov. 14 to buy wine. I enjoyed my visit very much with one exception.

I parked my car on a side street beside Macy's. When I parked, I looked around the block for parking signs and didn't see any, so I assumed the parking was unrestricted.

So it was a shock to see a parking ticket on my windshield. The next day I drove around town trying to find parking signs and I finally found some overhead, but not on the street where I parked.

Walla Walla is the only town I have visited that has parking signs overhead. Other towns with parking restrictions announce them with street-level signs on every block on which the restrictions apply, signs like your 15-minute parking signs. And even if I had seen the overhead signs, how is a stranger like myself to know the boundaries of the zone?

OK, so you scammed me out of $5, but that was a terrible thing to do to a customer.

Roger Anderson


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