Obama takes time to understand
William Kelly speaks many fine quotes from Thomas Jefferson’s writings, but bases the uses of them on faulty conclusions.
He is quick to use the words socialism and communism to describe what he disapproves of, but uses them more like swear words than any reasonable observations. Real Socialism, where the government owns all property and manages all production, fails because people get lazy without the threat of perhaps losing their job. Successful socialistic nations always are a mixture of government and private ownership and management.
Unbridled capitalism likewise fails because it always leads to greedy people, gaining control of the nation’s economics system to further their wealth, ignoring the plight of the people.
The Obama administration realizes this and is not trying to regulate the engines of business just to lay the heavy hand of government on them but to apply enough regulation to return some needed competition and diversity to our business world. Corporations were created for a purpose, supposedly in the public interest. Perhaps it is time to demand that they defend their charter at regular intervals.
White House Chief of Staff Emanuel’s comment about not wasting a serious crisis seems to indicate that the administration doesn’t want to let the financial and corporate world off the hook just to return to their excesses that triggered our present depression.
Reflect on President Bush’s use of the 9/11 crisis to plunge the nation into a seemingly unending mess in the Middle East. I appreciate that President Obama is not a person to support war without taking the time to understand the situation in all its possible twists and turns.
W.N. "Bill" McCaw
Walla Walla

Can president be believed?
I’m 75 and have MS. Consequently, I’m concerned about the health reform program being debated in Congress.
President Obama promised if you have insurance and you like your insurance and I do, you can keep your insurance. If you have a doctor and you like your doctor and I do, you can keep your doctor.
But can I believe the president?
During the campaign he said he was going to eliminate earmarks, those are the pet projects that the senators and representatives add to a bill before the president signs it. However, there have been over a thousand written into law. He also said the trouble with our government that it is being run by special interest groups and lobbyists.
And he pledged there would be no lobbyists in his administration. However, there are at least two that I know of. One of them, Valerie Jarrett, he brought with him from Chicago to the White House and named her senior advisor to the president. He pledged his would be the most transparent in history.
But the first month after being sworn in his vice president attended a union meeting Miami that was closed to the press and the public. And Jarrett is said to be holding secret meetings in the Treasury Department.
With groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, when they were debating health care they did it behind closed doors even though Obama had said that health care would be debated so all could see. He would put it on C-SPAN. He also pledged that before he signed any bill he would put it on the Internet for 72 hours.
So I come back to the question: Can I believe the president now?
Jean Trudgeon

Blue Devil debate club debuts
Congratulations to the Walla Walla High School debate club, coached by former Whitman College standout debater and current Green Park teacher Jean Tobin! The club recently competed in the prestigious Whitman College High School Debate Tournament against more than 500 students from around the Pacific Northwest.
Ten brave Blue Devils represented our community and school in the club’s first outing and received high marks in what Coach Tobin stated was "an encouraging beginning to a new program at Walla Walla High School."
What makes this first competition an even prouder and more impressive debut is the high level of community support and mentoring received from parent judges and the Whitman College debate program.
To freshmen Jessica Allen, Calvin Brigham, Madison Bronstein, Hope Grant-Herriot, Carrie Moore, Kera Parsons, Bryan Preston, Rosa Tobin and sophomores Clement Cantil and Machado Mijiga, great work and good luck at your next tournament on Nov. 20 and 21 at Eisenhower High School!
Norrie Gregoire
Walla Walla

Get facts on Planned Parenthood
Everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own way of spending their money, including whether or not they enjoy a glass of wine for a cause, but Mr. Kelty’s letter in a recent U-B begs for my input.
I am the mother of six children, five of whom are adopted. I have an adopted grandson and 12 years ago my college age daughter became pregnant here in Walla Walla and went to the local Planned Parenthood office to confirm the pregnancy.
At that time she was given information about all of the options she had including her right to choose the option she felt was right for her. No one pressured her. No one told her what to do. No one was unreasonable with her.
She was a confused, upset college aged young woman and she chose to come home and have the baby. She also chose to bless this child with the option of adoption.
I find it extremely offensive to suggest that Planned Parenthood stands only for abortion. Mr. Kelty has the right to choose to have a vasectomy and my daughter also had the choice of what she wanted to do.
She has never been sorry for her choice. In fact, she is now working for an international adoption agency.
Before you decide who you’re going to drink wine with, be sure you know the full story.
Valerie Weaver
Walla Walla

World health
Nature gives life to everything, in that every living thing is dependent upon nature.
Civilization does not keep anything alive in that it does not give life to anything and it does nothing to maintain life.
Civilization disrupts and/or destroys nature.
Man thinks that by civilizing nature he manages it. In "man-aging" man alters nature to his advantage. To manage, does exactly that — man-age.
Man has altered/managed nature to a flux.
Civilization and man-aging will not keep man alive. Is it too late to return to nature? If so, then it is time to get our Spiritual arrangement in order.
If you feel it is not too late to return to nature, then that is our solution — to abandon/remove all civilization, then to restore all of nature and take our place "in" nature.
Otherwise — consider the spiritual - when Christ Jesus ascended, he said, "I go away that the Holy Spirit may come unto you." God is spirit. God’s Kingdom is spirit. Ye are his temple. Christ (Jesus/God/Holy Spirit) in you — the hope of glory. By asking Jesus/God/Holy Spirit to dwell in you, you gain eternal prospect — spiritual health.
Al Johnson
Walla Walla

Local Realtors fight hunger
Did you know that the Walla Walla Realtors Association has some great folks working in our community? They are dedicated, caring and strive to give back to the people of Walla Walla.
Each year they have done a golf tournament and a food drive that benefits the BMAC Food Bank. With the economy the way it has been for the last couple of years, they have had to work even harder to make these events successful.
To make them successful, the Realtors have to be willing to go the extra mile and they do. I especially want to acknowledge Ginny Owen, the secretary at the Realtors office.
She is behind the scenes and works hard to make both events come together. Peter Swant, now there is a dedicated partner. He has all this energy and he puts it to good use to make these events work. There are way too many people to mention, but all of the Realtors come together twice a year to help us serve the less fortunate in our community.
We are grateful for their help and for all the businesses and individual families that step up to help others. There is a growing need here in Walla Walla as well as in all communities, for food bank shelves to be well stocked.
You can’t see hunger, but it is here. We see it every day and with the help of folks like the Realtors Association we can combat it.
Gail McGhee
BMAC Food Bank

Whose side is Obama on?
As a retired Army officer, I have followed the Fort Hood shooting and was reading the caption above the picture on the Nov. 9s U-B (page A10), about the Fort Hood shooting.
At first, I thought the picture of the row of four American Flags and the flowers with the ribbon caption "We will always remember," was placed in front of the two-story apartment for one of the 13 people murdered and wounded at Fort Hood by the "alleged" shooter Nidal Hasan.
However, when I read the copy beneath the picture, this show of empathy was for Nidal Malik Hasan — the "alleged" shooter. He apparently lived off-base in this apartment complex outside Fort Hood, in Killeen, Texas.
Who do you think would have enough brilliance to post four U.S. flags and place flowers there? Perhaps, it was fellow soldiers from Fort Hood — I don’t think so. Other Muslims? Dubious. Hint: the flags were arranged in a "dress-right-dress" formation.
I suggest that the Ft. Hood commander take early retirement for allowing the flags and flowers to be placed at the apartment complex. Joining him would be the Army Chief of Staff General Casey for being more concerned about the impact on diversity in the Army.
Even more interesting, is why the U-B chose to print this particular picture.
Americans (and President Obama) know there is no "alleged" shooter. Hasan was on a jihad mission and he murdered and wounded all those people. Witnesses state Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" before he started shooting.
Hasan was subsequently shot and subdued by the Killeen civilian policeman — not his policewoman partner. I haven’t heard that the military fired a single round. Incidentally, how were the Killeen Police on scene so rapidly?
Is it because the military police is deployed elsewhere in the world?
The message that this sends to other jihadists in the U.S. is that we are easy pickin’s. President Obama now has the worst terrorist incident on U.S. soil since 9/11. However, the spinmeisters are working diligently to show otherwise ... poor Hasan.
This is a terrorist incident and the murdered and wounded soldiers should receive Purple Hearts, the same as those killed and wounded in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, in Iraq or Afghanistan. If they don’t, the fix is on.
President Obama with his Islamic heritage would not want to offend the Muslims — even at the cost of American (non-Muslims) lives. Watch his pro-Islamic speeches on YouTube and one has to wonder — whose side is President Obama on?
Craig Buchanan
Walla Walla

Walla Walla Support urged for CP schools
The College Place Public Schools will be running a replacement school programs and operations levy in February 2010. The last four-year levy will be expiring and the February 2010 levy will replace it; so it is not a new tax on top of an existing one.
Please join me in voting yes for the children and teachers of College Place Public Schools this coming February.
Sheilah Payne
College Place

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