Can president be believed?


I'm 75 and have MS. Consequently, I'm concerned about the health reform program being debated in Congress.

President Obama promised if you have insurance and you like your insurance and I do, you can keep your insurance. If you have a doctor and you like your doctor and I do, you can keep your doctor.

But can I believe the president?

During the campaign he said he was going to eliminate earmarks, those are the pet projects that the senators and representatives add to a bill before the president signs it. However, there have been over a thousand written into law. He also said the trouble with our government that it is being run by special interest groups and lobbyists.

And he pledged there would be no lobbyists in his administration. However, there are at least two that I know of. One of them, Valerie Jarrett, he brought with him from Chicago to the White House and named her senior advisor to the president. He pledged his would be the most transparent in history.

But the first month after being sworn in his vice president attended a union meeting Miami that was closed to the press and the public. And Jarrett is said to be holding secret meetings in the Treasury Department.

With groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, when they were debating health care they did it behind closed doors even though Obama had said that health care would be debated so all could see. He would put it on C-SPAN. He also pledged that before he signed any bill he would put it on the Internet for 72 hours.

So I come back to the question: Can I believe the president now?

Jean Trudgeon


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