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Everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own way of spending their money, including whether or not they enjoy a glass of wine for a cause, but Mr. Kelty's letter in a recent U-B begs for my input.

I am the mother of six children, five of whom are adopted. I have an adopted grandson and 12 years ago my college age daughter became pregnant here in Walla Walla and went to the local Planned Parenthood office to confirm the pregnancy.

At that time she was given information about all of the options she had including her right to choose the option she felt was right for her. No one pressured her. No one told her what to do. No one was unreasonable with her.

She was a confused, upset college aged young woman and she chose to come home and have the baby. She also chose to bless this child with the option of adoption.

I find it extremely offensive to suggest that Planned Parenthood stands only for abortion. Mr. Kelty has the right to choose to have a vasectomy and my daughter also had the choice of what she wanted to do.

She has never been sorry for her choice. In fact, she is now working for an international adoption agency.

Before you decide who you're going to drink wine with, be sure you know the full story.

Valerie Weaver
Walla Walla


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