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William Kelly speaks many fine quotes from Thomas Jefferson's writings, but bases the uses of them on faulty conclusions.

He is quick to use the words socialism and communism to describe what he disapproves of, but uses them more like swear words than any reasonable observations. Real Socialism, where the government owns all property and manages all production, fails because people get lazy without the threat of perhaps losing their job. Successful socialistic nations always are a mixture of government and private ownership and management.

Unbridled capitalism likewise fails because it always leads to greedy people, gaining control of the nation's economics system to further their wealth, ignoring the plight of the people.

The Obama administration realizes this and is not trying to regulate the engines of business just to lay the heavy hand of government on them but to apply enough regulation to return some needed competition and diversity to our business world. Corporations were created for a purpose, supposedly in the public interest. Perhaps it is time to demand that they defend their charter at regular intervals.

White House Chief of Staff Emanuel's comment about not wasting a serious crisis seems to indicate that the administration doesn't want to let the financial and corporate world off the hook just to return to their excesses that triggered our present depression.

Reflect on President Bush's use of the 9/11 crisis to plunge the nation into a seemingly unending mess in the Middle East. I appreciate that President Obama is not a person to support war without taking the time to understand the situation in all its possible twists and turns.

W.N. "Bill" McCaw
Walla Walla


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