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Nature gives life to everything, in that every living thing is dependent upon nature.

Civilization does not keep anything alive in that it does not give life to anything and it does nothing to maintain life.

Civilization disrupts and/or destroys nature.

Man thinks that by civilizing nature he manages it. In "man-aging" man alters nature to his advantage. To manage, does exactly that -- man-age.

Man has altered/managed nature to a flux.

Civilization and man-aging will not keep man alive. Is it too late to return to nature? If so, then it is time to get our Spiritual arrangement in order.

If you feel it is not too late to return to nature, then that is our solution -- to abandon/remove all civilization, then to restore all of nature and take our place "in" nature.

Otherwise -- consider the spiritual - when Christ Jesus ascended, he said, "I go away that the Holy Spirit may come unto you." God is spirit. God's Kingdom is spirit. Ye are his temple. Christ (Jesus/God/Holy Spirit) in you -- the hope of glory. By asking Jesus/God/Holy Spirit to dwell in you, you gain eternal prospect -- spiritual health.

Al Johnson
Walla Walla


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