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Pioneer Middle School leaders recently recognized Pioneer POWER Award winners with 22 different prize packages, according to the Walla Walla School District newsletter Week In Review. Students were nominated from teachers for improved academic standing, helping other students, civility, supporting staff, presenting at school board meetings and turning in lost money and other property.


Rising Sun Clubhouse's October-November newsletter, The Sun, reports that Laura Holt has been engaged as a 20-hours-per-week generalist to staff the clubhouse. Generalists tackle whatever needs to be done, from overseeing day chores, to getting lunch organized, creating interesting, productive activities for members and working on fundraising outreach efforts in the community. Laura also supervises the production of the newsletter and encourages members to write more of its stories.

The Walla Walla native earned a bachelor's in sociology in 2000 from Whitman College. In 2001, she began work on her master's in forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. She also hit the ground running when on her first day at the clubhouse she participated in a two-hour conference call with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and mental health representatives. They talked about responsibilities clubhouses have in order to work with those agencies.

The Clubhouse, at 35 W. Chestnut St., offers a supportive place for social rehabilitation opportunities, which empower members with mental illness to reach their potential and rediscover their self-respect, dignity and abilities. They can be involved in performing productive work and create meaningful relationships and belong to a community, according to the mission statement.

The clubhouse has more members than space, so it's in need of four round tables that seat four each. Their current long, rectangular tables take up too much of their floor space, which makes it difficult for members to move around, find places to sit and pass food around.

Kay Maxfield is clubhouse director. The Executive Board of Directors includes Don Nichols, acting president and vice president; and Linda Wondra, secretary. Board members at large are Charlie Eichler, Bobi Womack Goodson, Dale Goodson, Nancy Riggle and Lorna Smith. For more details, call 529-0120, or e-mail .

Annie Charnley Eveland can be reached at or afternoons at 526-8313.


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