Why didn't U-B cover local news event?


Call me faithful or call me an idiot, however, I must admit that I read the Union-Bulletin on a regular basis. I do so to keep up on local news and events.

On the afternoon and evening of Oct. 6 I and many others were affected by a news event here in Walla Walla. I eagerly looked in the Union-Bulletin for information the next day and found the extent of its coverage to be an entry in the emergency services section. Under fire department runs was an entry for 1:47 PM, 1200 block of Pine St. for arcing electrical wires.


In case the public wants to know what happened, here it is. A Basin Disposal Inc. truck that picks up truck-sized dumpsters pulled out on the street with the hoist completely up and brought down the power lines and two power poles (transformers included) across Pine St. The power was out and the street blocked off for 12 hours, until 2 a.m. The power was out from 13th Avenue to Bowman St. and the road was closed from 13th to the freeway this entire time.

Why is this not newsworthy?

Everybody has accidents of one nature or another and plenty of people were affected by this event. It makes me wonder why I continue to patronize the U-B. It makes me feel gypped especially facing price increases from the paper.

When I found no information on this, it also made me wonder about BDI. Obviously it had a bad day, and expensive, too, but so did all of us residents. No power means no lights, no Internet, no TV, no hot meal, etc., etc. (I had a hot meal because I spent the extra money to go out and eat that evening.) The least BDI could do is express their apologies for the inconvenience.

Martin Shafer

Walla Walla


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