Rotarians work to help reforest Walla Walla

Homeowners in a large section of the city may receive a free tree for their planting strip in a program now under way.


WALLA WALLA -- During the next few weeks Walla Walla Rotarians will go door to door in a 50-square-block area to encourage homeowners to plant a tree in their planting strips. Rotarians will be hanging information placards on front doors if a home has space to plant. This activity is part of an effort to reforest Walla Walla after the windstorm of Jan. 4, 2008.

The goal is to plant 1,500 new trees over a three-year period. This effort has planted more than 750 trees during the first year. The project is a partnership between the Rotary Club of Walla Walla and the city Parks & Recreation Department and is funded by the Donald and Virginia Sherwood Trust.

Rotarians will be working in the area from Alder Street to Chestnut Street and from Division Street to Second Avenue. Interested property owners will receive a free tree. All that is asked of the property owner is to plant the tree and care for it. Anyone interested in a free tree can call the Parks & Recreation Department and provide their name and address. The municipal arborist will visit and inspect the site to determine what tree will be the right tree in the right place. Trees will be available to pick up after November 24.

For more information, call Parks & Recreation at 527-4527 or e-mail


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